Movement Praxis Equity-centered solutions for complex systems through law & policy, capacity building, & philanthropic strategy

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Toward equity & inclusion for all

policy & systems change

We live in a world of complex overlapping systems that can make problems of injustice seem impossible to solve. Just think about the complexity of our healthcare system or tax code. But even the thorniest structural problems can be tackled, especially when we center the communities most affected. I work to identify leverage points within systems to bring about health equity and shared prosperity. My focus area is law and policy, which are key building blocks of sustained and equitable social change.

philanthropy & resource organizing

Social change happens because of how we bring together people power, policy solutions, and capital. Movement leaders need resources like philanthropic dollars and social influence to be deployed equitably and strategically to have a widespread impact. I help resource justice movements and help organize those with resources so that the resource sector can have a generative -- rather than extractive -- relationship to social change.

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